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Demolition and Property Acquisition serve as catalysts for positive community development by eradicating slum and blight through the removal of substandard structures and on creation of housing opportunities through the vacant site recovery program.

This Department has been responsible for the recovery of 1,000 vacant lots and the removal of 1,600 unsafe buildings. It has been involved in many special projects including acquisition of the National Road Heritage Trail Phase I properties and acquisition of the Locust Street and Brown Avenue extension properties.

Substandard Structures – The City of Terre Haute has adopted the Indiana Unsafe Building Law IC 36-7-9. This provides for an enforcement authority with the power to issue orders relative to buildings ranging from repair to demolition. Enforcement is handled by the Engineering Department. The Department of Redevelopment serves as the hearing officer when a hearing is required and also administers preparation of the legal documents required for various notices, invoices, liens, releases, collections, foreclosures, etc.

Acquisition and Disposition of Real Estate – These activities include administration of the vacant site recovery program. Acquisition of properties is from foreclosures, donations, transfers from the Vigo County Commissioners, tax sale purchases, purchases from individuals or rarely from eminent domain proceedings. Disposition of acquired properties is made under the Vacant Site Recovery Program and/or redevelopment agency statutes.

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Dean Branson – Real Estate and Finance Administrator

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