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Residential Development

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Site Recovery Program
   Program Description

Downtown Terre Haute

Properties for Sale:

Terre Haute Residential Development Program
Incentives Offered by the City of Terre Haute

Incentives offered on all sites (city or privately owned):

  1. Sewer tap on fee will be reimbursed
  2. City of Terre Haute will reimburse up to $5,000 spend toward the following:

    1. Repair or replacement of sidewalks rated 6 or worse by Department of Engineering standards.
    2. Repair or replacement of curbs rated 6 or worse by Department of Engineering standards.
    3. Repair of substandard sewer lateral pipe or installation of new sewer lateral pipe between the property line and the public main sewer as determined by the Dept. of Engineering.
    4. Repair of sidewalks, curb, pavement or tree row above sewer as necessitated by (c).

Incentives offered on city-owned sites, in addition to the above incentives:

  1. City-owned building site will be offered for $1 from Site Recovery Program.
  2. City will provide a 4-pin survey of the site.
  3. The City will provide up to $100,000 of title insurance.
  4. The City will clear trash, brush and undesirable trees.

Developer requirements:

  1. Eligible sites must measure no less than 40’ X 120’.
  2. Residence must be built on-site.
  3. Must comply with existing zoning or pay for rezoning.
  4. Must build with a roof pitch not less than 6/12, or block average if more than 6/12
  5. Must face front door to the street.
  6. Must have minimum 15 square feet of window(s) facing street.
  7. Must have minimum 40 square feet of covered front porch.
  8. Must have no more than 5 sites under development at a time.
  9. Must complete construction within one year of date of deed.
  10. Must use licensed and bonded contractors for all life safety items.
  11. Must submit to the Department of Redevelopment GIS site map, site plan, elevations
    and floor plan.
  12. Must use average set backs for the block where possible.
  13. Must have sidewalk connecting front porch to the sidewalk or street.
  14. Must provide proof of financial capacity to complete construction.
  15. Must comply all applicable permitting and inspections.


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