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Redevelopment Commission

The activities of the City of Terre Haute Department of Redevelopment are overseen by the Redevelopment Commission, comprised of five members. The Mayor of Terre Haute appoints three members, and the City Council appoints two members. The Commission oversees each area of the Department of Redevelopment and approves all expenditures of the Department. The Commission is responsible for setting public policy that determines how the department will expend Federal (CDBG and HOME) funds. It sets public policy and approves or denies any and all projects, change orders and expenditures pertaining to Terre Haute's five Tax Increment Finance (TIF) districts. The Redevelopment Department staff administers the projects funded by these programs.

Current Commission members are:

   David Heath, President
   Brian Conley, Vice President
   Troy Helman , Secretary
   Brian Dyer, Member

   Karrum Nasser, Member

   Amy Lore, Non-Voting Member

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